Transfer Learning error


I’m following “Transfer Learning with 5 lines of code” tutorial to retrain the model with ImageNet weights, but when i try to run i get an error:
"trainModel() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘save_full_model’ "
so, i tried to remove this but i get this error :
trainModel() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘transfer_from_model’

Can someone help me?

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Did you ensure you wrote your code as with necessary parameters stated like in the link below?


old fashion Ctrl-C Ctlr-V :sweat_smile:

The problem was Image Ai version, i worked with 2.0.3, with 2.1 the code run. But i get stucked whith another problem, retrain gives this error just when the first epoch is completed:
“StopIteration: broken data stream when reading image file.”

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To ensure you on the latest version of ImageAI always run the command below.

pip3 install imageai --upgrade