Some problem about object detect

When I try to detect the object from the camera stream, the python program always stops running after about 45 frames and returns no error code. So I can only detect for 1min. I check the, but I didn’t find anything about that.

Can you post the code you ran here?

Also let me know the following

  • python version installed
  • keras and tensorflow version installed
  • ImageAI version installed

I missed the error code returned by the camera before. It was about the read and write conflict. This error only happened when I use that camera. When I changed back to the camera on my laptop, the error didn’t happen. I checked the error code and someone said that could be solved with multithreading, so here is the next problem: how to apply multithreading on ImageAI? XD


  • Python: 3.6.9
  • TensorFlow: 1.13.0
  • Keras: 2.3.1
    ImageAI: 2.1.5

I checked the camera I used. It is HikVision DS-2CD3T46FDWDA3-I, and the error code is

“Processing Frame : 49
Processing Frame : 50
[h264 @ 0x6a01600] error while decoding MB 130 44, bytestream -27”

Then the program stopped at Frame 53.