Resume training custom object detection model in google colab

I followed the all steps in “” to create the custom object detection model. It works well for small set of images and be able to complete training within 12 hours.

However, when I increase a number of labels and a number of training images. The training process is highly likely to take more than 12 hours. As you know, google colab will delete everything after 12 hours.

My question is: how can I resume training model from the saved model with the same state from the last checkpoint? For example, I set 100 Epochs and the latest completed epoch before 12 hours is 78th. How can I resume continue training model by using the saved model from Epoch 78th?

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@hammer22z Thanks for questions.

You can use your 78th model as the pre-trained for the next training instead of using the pre-trained-yolov3.h5. However, please note that the detection_config.json file of the previous training will no longer be compatible with new models of the saved in the new training process, as a new detection_config.json file will be generated.

BTW: The next version of ImageAI will allow you continue training with previous models and use both new and old models with the same detection_config.json file.