Need help with predicting trafficnet on videos

Hi all,

I have used image ai package and it is of real help to create new models. I came across trafficnet and as of now the code provided works on images. Is there any way to use that model on videos ?

From all the research I have done VideoObjectDetection or CustomVideoObjectDetection classes don’t have Resnet model. Can you help me with running the trafficnet model on videosets? Thanks in advance.

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@vineelpatnana Kindly visit the documentation linked below for this.

Hi @OlafenwaMoses Thank you for sharing the link. Is there any pre-trained model for videos which i can use ? instead of training it from scratch? Like something similar in the video you have shared :

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You can download the model used in the video via the link below. It is the same as the Release section of the GitHub repository