Fire Detection Project

I want to detect fire from image,i used FireNet fire detection code and model to solve my problem

but fire Detection Detect wrong,i attached some picture that detect from in it,please help me to solve my problem.

thanks a lot

Can you attach the pictures after the detection?

Also, not that for higher accuracy, you will need to collect more pictures of fire, annotate them and retrain the model. Ensure the images collected are diverse and very related to the environment you intend to deploy your model.

the pictures is attached before post
could you tell me how to labeling and select fire pictures?
thanks a lot

@mehrdad3dgs I can’t see fire in the images attached to the post.

  • Do you mean your model detected fire in the images above when they is none?
  • Or there is an actual fire in the images you want to annotate?

yah,in the images noting fire,but detect fire!!!
what can i do to solve this problem?

how can i collect more picture of fire with labelling technique?
in your project has 2 folder (annotations and images),how can i create annotations?
thanks a lot

@mehrdad3dgs Kindly follow the steps in the tutorials linked below.

thanks a lot @OlafenwaMoses