Empty folder when training model


when i am executing the training script my model is not saved. it is showing me empty folder

please help me to resolve this issue.

Hello @poornima,

  • What type of model are you training?
  • Prediction or Detection?
  • Can you share your training code?
  1. i am training a model which detects the eggs
  2. using detection
  3. how can we create a model with .h5 file which can detect the eggs

please can you share me any link so that i can follow that link,

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Kindly visit the tutorial linked below and follow the instructions carefully.

Hi , Thankyou for your quick response .

i have followed the same link ,
In the model folder my model is not created but the json file is created . Can you please guide me what wrong i have did.

sir, i have kept the screen shot of the file, the model .h5 is not created

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please install Tensorflow-GPU version 1.13.1 to resolve the error.

pip3 install tensorflow-gpu==1.13.1

sir, the code which you have given in the link is only compatible with tensorflow-gpu version??
i am using pycharm editor with tensorflow==1.14.0 version

You can use tensorflow==1.13.1 on your system as well without the GPU, but it will be extremely slow when you train. I will advice you train on

  • System with GPU and Tensorflow-GPU installed
  • Use the GPU available on Google Colab.