About custom object detection using retinanet

Dear sir,I have tried the 10 lines code for custom object detection using YOLOv3.But I change the custom object detection as setmodeltypeasRetinanet().It won’t worked. sir, this model also used for object detection. I want to compare the results of yolov3 and Retinanet model.sir, can you give me suggestions on how retinanet model works with this code.

For custom object detection only yolov3 is currently available, you won’t be able to retrain it with retina or any other architecture

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Thank you sir.

Sir Any implementation about Mask-RCNN.

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@rola93 Thanks for your helpful response.

@kavitha ImageAI is yet to support Image Segmentation with Mask-RCNN

Dear sir,can you sent Retinanet code for custom object detection.

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Sir,when we expect Mask_RCNN from ImageAI

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We hope to add support for Mask_RCNN by early next year.